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2 years ago “CardanoBuzz” left twitter. But what was the Buzz about?

The original @CardanoBuzz twitter account was active from 2018 - early Feb 2022 and was an intentionally over-the-top  ‘Crypto Bro’ style marketing persona which helped to promote the following NFT projects:

CardanoKidz. These were the first collectible NFTs to be pre-sold on Cardano in September 2020, a fun fact is that the Test NFTs predated Spacebudz. The whacky Buzz bullish-bee avatar was featured on card number 020 of Series 2. Three years in the Kidz project is going strong and has revealed Series 9. 


FingerMonsters. These were a handful of very early low-mint Cardano NFTs, promoted by the Buzz and minted by Vegas Pool with the first mints airdropped to stake pool delegates. Via its website the project still allows you to ‘breed’ two original finger monsters for a new monster for 14 ADA at

CNFT.IO Marketplace. Launched in summer 2021 CNFT was the first NFT marketplace on Cardano and was launched pre-smart contracts, prior to which NFTs could only really be traded in Discord. The marketplace updated to smart contracts and later offered Cardano NFT minting services before eventually closing in the summer of 2023 due to lack of trading volume. At the time of writing the CNFT redeem website remains live. The first Land based project on Cardano selling 100,000 pieces of NFT Land in late 2021 - early 2022. The project has over 17,000 unique land owners, a strong vibrant community of builders, regular development updates from the team and an aggressive roadmap into 2023 which includes Pavs and Avatars. 


Looking back to late 2021 and early 2022 it became apparent that the overly garish bro-style marketing style of “CardanoBuzz” was at odds with many in the Cardano community. The Buzz style just didn’t seem to resonate any longer so the decision was made to close the @CardanoBuzz twitter account at which point Buzz became somewhat infamous.


It is safe to say that all of us were caught well and truly off-guard with how much of an impact the Buzz account had made. The disappearance caused quite a buzz in itself! Nonetheless, Buzz was nothing more than a larger-than-life fictional marketing persona, a bullish-bee, controversial at times but always well intentioned.  He was fun but with the occasional sting in his tail!


Finally, we have noticed that someone has since taken up the @CardanoBuzz twitter handle, we are not connected in any way and we wish them all the best in bringing some future Buzz to Cardano! 

 Goodbye, from all who tweeted over the years from the original @CardanoBuzz handle. 


From Memory Lane: 

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